Lower the rims?

UConn women’s basketball head coach Geno Auriemma recently sparked an interesting debate when he suggested that rims be lowered by seven inches in women’s basketball. Auriemma has both critics and supporters on this issue. DePaul head coach Doug Bruno said that not only is he in favor of this idea, he tried to pitch it to Auriemma years ago. “When I was suggesting it, he would argue with me ‘nah, nah, nah.’ I never realized that my discussions with him were actually swaying him,” said Bruno.

Mercy Home Heroes Spotlight: Amanda Anderson

Without live sports during the COVID-19 pandemic, The Last Dance was a lifeline for spectators across the globe. While millions were gearing up for the final two episodes of the 10-part docuseries about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls’ dynasty of the 90’s, ESPN Senior Manager of Social Media Amanda Anderson was hard at work behind the scenes. Like the majority of viewers, Anderson can only dream of reaching the athletic pinnacle that Jordan and the Bulls did. But that hasn’t stopped her from finding her own piece of sports glory. Her championship moments take place on marathon race day.

BUILD Celebrates 40th Annual Peace League All-Star Game

It was a hot day at the ballpark on August 2 when BUILD celebrated its 40th edition of the Peace League Softball All-Star Game. The tradition lived on at Little Cubs Field in Humboldt Park this year and served as the culmination of BUILD’s summer long softball league, known as the Donna Dudley Peace Project. The Peace Project provides an opportunity for at-risk youth to use sports as a way to socialize, avoid negative influences and build self-esteem throughout the summer.

The Effects of Childhood Trauma

At some point in our lives, most of us will have to deal with a traumatic event. Trauma can be difficult for anyone to process, but it can be especially difficult for children. Unfortunately, being exposed to trauma is a way of life for many kids, and takes place in many forms: physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, exposure to domestic violence or gun violence. These experiences shape the way a child interacts with the world, and if left untreated, can lead to serious problems now, and in the future.

Reducing Violence Through Community Events

As Memorial Day weekend kicked off, BUILD was out in the Austin community working to reduce the violence. On Friday May 24, BUILD, along with other organizations, held a community pop-up event at Friendship Baptist Church as part of the mayor’s “Our City, Our Safety” initiative. “The spirit and enthusiasm you all are exhibiting here at this event is infectious,” said Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who made an appearance at the event.

Minnesota Vikings: Has the Curse Been Lifted?

This was it. This was exactly it. The feeling of sick to your stomach, is this really happening again, and why us had showed its ugly face once more. A picture-perfect first half set hopes sky high at U.S Bank Stadium. Just don’t make big mistakes in the second half, and this should be ours. Then, the pressure crept in. There was no way this game would ever be won without any pressure; situations that would necessitate big throws and big stops. And when the pressure came, things began to unravel, as they unfortunately seem to do time and again.

A Deeper Look into Concussions for High School Athletes

Many athletes have a mindset that playing through injuries makes you tougher. Brett Favre, for example, was placed on a pedestal for his record of consecutive games started in a sport known for gruesome injuries. But concussions are a different story. Even Favre sat out the last game of his battle-tested career with a concussion. He is one of the countless athletes whose career and life have been altered by brain trauma.

Who Would Make The Timberwolves All-Time Starting Five?

The Timberwolves all-time starting five might not beat the all-time Lakers or the all-time Bulls, and Shaq and Scottie probably would waste little breath if Kevin Garnett threw in any jabs on Twitter. In fact, the all-time Wolves probably wouldn’t win against very many, if any all-time teams. But for the sake of argument, who might comprise this team? If there was a Wolves reunion game at Target Center, who would be selected to start? Measuring players not by what they did in their time in Minnesota, but overall body of work, heres how it would go.

Veteran Serves Country, Community, and Children of Mercy Home

When we think of the veterans who defend our freedoms, the word “hero” often comes to mind. For Captain Jeff Dohnal of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, it’s a title that fits him well. Dohnal not only risks his life for our country, but also for the community as a Chicago police officer. And when he was injured in the line of duty in October 2019, he found a new way to become a hero for the children of Mercy Home.
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